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Indian Philosophy (Sanskrit: Bhārtiya Darshan) deals with various philosophical thoughts of many several traditions those originated in the Indian subcontinent, including Hindu philosophy, Buddhist philosophy, and Jain philosophy. The common themes of all these philosophies are unity and diversity (advaita and dvaita) in their understanding, interpretation of the existence of reality, and explanation of the attainment of liberation (moksha). The Indian philosophical systems are classified into two groups on the basis of the acceptance of Vedas; Orthodox (Vaisheshika, Nyāya, Sāmkhya, Yoga, Purva-Mimānsā, and Uttar-Mimānsā) and Heterodox (Chārvaka School, Jainism and Buddhism). All these systems are discussed with a critical approach to their theories in this course. Over and above, an introductory note to Indian Philosophy is placed at the beginning of the course.


Week-1                Introduction to Indian Philosophy

Week-2                Introduction to Indian Philosophy

Week-3                Charvaka Philosophy

Week-4                Charvaka Philosophy

Week-5                Samkhya Philosophy

Week-6                Samkhya Philosophy

Week-7                Samkhya Philosophy

Week-8                Yoga Philosophy

Week-9                Yoga Philosophy

Week-10              Vaisesika Philosophy

Week-11              Vaisesika Philosophy

Week-12              Jaina Philosophy