Human Capital Strategy

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Developing strategies to attract, retain, and develop employees can give an organization a significant competitive advantage. This course will lead you through the basics of developing a human capital strategy. You will learn how to intentionally design your organization’s values and culture, recruit and hire the right people, adapt your organizational structure as you scale, and build effective teams.

You will also learn how to structure compensation, manage employee performance, and offer relevant professional development. This course is ideal for leaders thinking about how to build and grow their teams.



Module 1: Culture and Values

Develop organizational values and culture intentionally

Module 2: Developing Your Organizational Structure

Draft your organizational structure and plan for how it will adapt over time

Module 3: Recruiting and Hiring

Adopt practical tactics for recruiting, interviewing, hiring and firing

Module 4: Optimizing Performance

Structure monetary and non-monetary compensation so that employees feel valued and rewarded

Module 5: Talent Development

Gain strategies to implement professional development programs and manage employee performance