Goods and Services Tax

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The learning Goods and Services Tax (GST) enables the commerce students and the business community to ease interaction with GST authorities. Especially for the students it will give the scope for self-employment as well as for getting good jobs of the competitive market.So we designed the MOOC course titled on “Goods and Service Tax” which covers the fundamental aspects of GST and practical issues in relation to the collection and levy of tax. This course is relevant to the students that are studying business (commerce and management) subject and which will be helpful in advancing their career.The proposed course will definitely helpful to gain the benefits of studying GST. The lecture will provide the students with knowledge and skills to describe and explain the application of Goods and Services Tax in business practices.This course is also helpful to gain 4 credits in their academics and which will also build their strong academic records.After completion of this course the students would be able:● To enable the students to learn the concepts indirect tax and GST from the pre-GST period to post- GST period.● To understand the importance of indirect taxes (GST) in the Indian and global economy and its contribution to the economic development.● To comprehend the principles of taxations, objectives of taxes and its impact, shifting and incidence process of indirect taxes in the market orientated economy.● To understand the implications of GST on the taxable capacity consumers, dealers and of the society at large and its changes.● To make them to be a tax consultant in preparing the tax planning, tax management. Payment of tax and filing of tax returns.



Week 1 :Introduction to Indirect Taxation

Week 2 :Indirect Tax Reforms

Week 3 :
Indirect Tax Structure

Week 4 :Concept of GST

Week 5 :GST Act and Concept of supply

Week 6 :Tax Aspect of Supply

Week 7 :Value of Taxable Supply

Week 8 :Composition Levy

Week 9 :Input Tax Credit-1

Week 10 :Input Tax Credit-2

Week 11 :
Registration under GST Law

Week 12 :Computation of Tax Liability and Interest

Week 13 :TDS and TCS under GST and Audit under GST

Week 14 :Exam preparation

Week 15 :Examination