Digital Drawings: Points, Lines, Curves

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In the first course of the three-part program, Fundamentals of Design for Digital Architecture, you will be introduced to rule-based practices and systems used to create infinite and complex designs beyond the limitations of traditional, pencil and paper mediums.

Assistant Professor and head of UNLV's Master of Architecture Program, Joshua Vermillion, will guide you through a beginner's look into rules-based design with Rhino3D and Adobe Illustrator, including how to utilize geometric properties like lines, and curves as the foundation for your digital drawings.

Exercises throughout this course will familiarize you with significant and convenient design tools and ideas such as geometric operations, graphic compositional principles, to visual hierarchies with line weights, tone, and poché.

Lastly, the coursework throughout this course will further solidify the previously mentioned concepts as you create process-based drawings through step-by-step instructions and gradually incorporating your own algorithms and compositional choices.

What Students Are Saying:

"Awesome course, the video explanations are clear and right to the point. 100% practical with drawing exercises from the very first session. I am an architect and I am learning new things with this course."


Session 1: Line Drivers – Rules-Based Drawing With Line Weights 
A simple drawing exercise to introduce rules-based and algorithmic thinking. Student will experiment with simple geometric drawings and line weights. Session 2: Ordering 2D Modules – Geometric Operations 
A drawing exercise that introduces ordering systems and basic geometric operations. Graphic compositional principles will also be introduced. Session 3: Algorithmic Field Drawings 
A drawing exercise that introduces a more sophisticated field drawing type. These drawings begin a discussion about repetition, complexity, and larger, emergent effects. Session 4: Digital Collage Compositions 
A drawing exercise that introduces collage and layering. Divergent drawing types can be combined to reinforce graphic composition principles.