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The course is intended for beginners in post graduate studies in Design. It can also serve well for aspiring professionals in industry who will be willing to undertake careers in the field of design.
INTENDED AUDIENCE :Students and Faculty of BE/ME/MS/BSc/MSc streas

INDUSTRY SUPPORT: SMIL (Gurgaon), HAL Kanpur and Lucknow, Small and medium scale production industries



Week 1 : Introduction to Design/Product design
Week 2 :Stanford model of Design thinking/ Stages of engineering design ofproducts/Introduction to Concurrent engineering
Week 3 : Concurrent engineering in Practice
Week 4 : Concurrent engineering in Practice
Week 5 : Product embodiment design(robustness of design/FMEA techniques).
Week 6 :House of quality, Specifications (Fits and Tolerances), AxiomaticDesign, Introduction to Group Technology, Creating forms and shapes.
Week 7 : Geometric transformation models, Introduction to electronics
Week 8 :Material selection process in design, Applied Ergonomics (worksystems design, Introduction to bio-mechanics)