Conciliation travail-famille : défis et solutions


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Balancing work and family is a hot topic in many countries. This five-week course was designed by Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay, specializing in human resource management professor, economics and sociology of work. It addresses the problem of articulation work and family in contemporary society, the factors that influence it, the main international models and measures put in place at both government and business. Over five weeks this course will examine the themes related to this important issue in the world of work.


  • Module 0 - Course and platform Ulibre
  • Module / Week 1 - Snapshot of employment and work-family balance
  • Module / Week 2 - Implications and Challenges difficulties of balancing work and family
  • Module / week 3 - International Models of work-family relationship
  • Module / week 4 - Reconciliation measures
  • Module / week 5 - Analysis by professions