Client-based Web Applications development: ReactJS & Angular


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Descripción de curso
The main objective of this MOOC is to provide the needed knowledge to develop client-side web applications. To achieve this objective it is crucial to know the basis of the web applications development according the MVC (Model View Controller) pattern and the implications of its implementation in web browsers. These concepts will be learnt from a practical point of view thanks to the development of sample projects using ReactJS and Angular technologies.

The use of this kind of technologies when developing Internet services improves the user experience and increases the possibilities of the applications. On the other hand, sharing the execution load between the different devices and services improves efficiency with regard to resources use, scalability and performance.


Module 0. Introduction to the course
Module 1. Web applications development basis. Patterns and useful tools
Module 2. Angular basis and TypeScript
Module 3. Angular components
Module 4. Angular modules, services and dependency injection
Module 5. Angular routes and backend services
Module 6. ReactJS. Introduction. ReactJS basis and JSX
Module 7. ReactJS. Components and their lifecycle
Module 8. ReactJS. Composition of components
Module 9. ReactJS. Adding Flux or Redux, completing the architecture
Module 10. React routes, backends and forms