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This course follows on from Data Mining with Weka and More Data Mining with Weka. It provides a deeper account of specialized data mining tools and techniques. Again the emphasis is on principles and practical data mining using Weka, rather than mathematical theory or advanced details of particular algorithms. Students will analyse time series data, mine data streams, use Weka to access other data mining packages including the popular R statistical computing language, script Weka in Python, and deploy it within a cluster computing framework. The course also includes case studies of applications such as classifying tweets, functional MRI data, image classification, and signal peptide prediction.



Pre-course survey Open
Class 1 - Time series forecasting Open
Class 2 - Data stream mining with Weka and MOA Closed;
Mid-course assessment Closed;
Class 3 - Interfacing to R and other data mining packages Closed;
Class 4 - Distributed processing with Apache SPARK Closed;
Class 5 - Scripting Weka in Python Closed;
Post-course assessment Closed;
Post-course survey Closed;