A holistic approach for Energy Transition: territory, networks and sustainability


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This course, promoting a holistic approach, is aimed to reach all individuals interested in the topic and willing to promote a sustainable participatory planning of Energy Transition.The course focuses on the socio-territorial and environmental perspective in order to understand Energy Transition  as a social construction process. The first two modules of the course are dedicated to clarify the concept of ET and to understand it as a social construction process in order to territorial, social and environmental perspective. In the third and fourth modules we will address the issue of the Sustainable Participatory Planning of Energy Transition and its implications in terms of cooperation/conflict. Finally, in the last two modules the participants will acquire basic notions of theoretical and methodological approach of the Social Network Analysis, specifically in order to identify:

  1. a) network as a tool of sustainable participatory planning;
  2. b)  role, skills and weight of the central actors in the social construction of ET.



Lesson 1 - Introduction to Energy Transition 2020/04/22

Lesson 2 - Understanding the social construction of ET2020/04/29

Lesson 3 - Meaning and implication of Sustainable planning of Energy Transition 2020/05/06

Lesson 4 - Cooperation/conflict: implications 2020/05/13

Lesson 5 - Basic concepts and tools in Social Network Analysis (SNA) 2020/05/20

Lesson 6 - Governance networks: actors, skills and dynamics